Information for New Registrations

For the smooth organization of the following school year, we kindly request that parents/ guardians of students promptly submit the details as requested below.

Registration Procedure for New Students:

  1. Completion of the form Declaration of Interest either electronically or on the school website.
  2. Request an appointment with the Head of the school. The Head of the school will brief you on the school programme and generally for the purposes and objectives of the school.
  3. With the parents consent the candidate student participates in a planned introductory meeting.
  4. Finally, after being notified that the prospective student has been accepted by the school and can be transported by the school bus (if requested),the parents must finalise the registration by submitting to the secretary of the level of the school requested the necessary documentation and the school fees and other costs as advised by the secretary.

Note: The registration and tuition conditions of students are referred to in detail in the Operating Regulations of the School, that the  parents/ guardians receive and sign, before the final registration of the student.


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