Aims and Vision

Our school is one of the top choices for parents for the education of their children. Our curriculum is continuously reviewed and adapted to ensure that our students receive the most contemporary teaching methods.

We support each individual student and help them reach their full potential

We encourage our students to develop academically, spiritually and morally so that they are well prepared and confident for adult life.

  • Our curriculum encourages team work and self-expression in order for our students to become successful independent and group-work members.
  • In addition, with the use of interactive boards and other means of technology, we ensure that our students are highly involved in the learning process.
  • Through our co-operation with the British Council, English has now become second nature to our students. From their early years at the nursery our students are taught English in a creative and supportive environment through a variety of motivating and multi – sensory activities.

Our goal is for our students to become active members of society with the ability to critically assess their social environment and boldly make their own mark.

We offer our students opportunities and knowledge to help them think “globally”

We participate in national and international debates, projects and partnerships with international schools.

We believe that “languages open doors”

Our school focuses a great deal on Languages as we believe that every additional language a student learns broadens their academic and professional horizons. By teaching the respective cultural aspects attached to each language we help our students to learn how to appreciate and work with other cultures.

  • In the third year of Primary School our students have the additional benefit to choose a foreign language, French or German. Both departments enrich their language programmes with additional cultural activities.

We give our graduates the choice to continue their studies and careers in Greece or abroad

Our graduates are prepared with the skills and knowledge required to choose to either continue their studies in the Greek Education System or pursue an International Education path.

The School Advisors’ Offices specialize in providing information and support for students who wish to continue their studies in English, French or German speaking institutions.

We cultivate the Arts and Sports

Our extra sports events, school visits to theatres, exhibitions, museums and guest speakers aim to enrich our students’ exposure to the Arts and Sports. We give our students the opportunity to participate in many different types of sports to help them discover their own personal preference and make Sports a way of life. We believe that through sports our students learn many important life skills and achieve a well-balanced life.

We promote the idea that learning is a lifelong experience to be cherished and enjoyed

Through extra class activities we encourage the love of learning and help our students to become independent confident learners who seek to develop their own ideas.







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