The first years at Nursery inspire children’s learning process. It is the beginning of their school education and one of the most important periods in their lives as they form their personality and individuality.

Since we recognise that this is a big step for our little learners, we ensure that the transition from family life to the school environment is smooth and a positive relationship is created with the teachers and their peer group.

Offering a positive and happy environment is the key to our success

We make sure that our students look forward to going to school. Our experienced teachers motivate and encourage them to learn through play and a variety of stimuli that help them to develop their learning, social and motor skills.   

We use Technology as a Learning Tool

Technology helps classrooms be more like the real-world environment and prepares students to develop 21st century skills. They get acquainted with programming principles and algorithmic thinking through coding games and the use of bee robots (beebots). In addition, they attend amusing team workshops which combine art, computer science and constructions via specially-designed educational tools such as makey-makey. 

Our school’s partnership with the British Council and the implementation of specially-designed bilingual programmes ensure that our young learners acquire English as a second language in a creative and fun way. Our aim is for young learners to gain confidence in the use of the English language and feel comfortable in applying it as a means of communication to make successful first steps in English.

Our Nursery accepts children from two and a half years old and operates from 8.30΄ to 14.40 until mid-July. There is also the option for children to stay until 16.40΄.

Amenities: Midmorning snack, Lunch, Pediatrician, Psychologist, Theatrical education, Museum education, Parents briefing, Insurance cover during the programme, Educational handouts.








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