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In an ever involving world where technology has become part of life at work, academically and socially it has become even more important for our students to learn how to use the technology accessible to them safely and correctly. For this reason our school has implemented the use of Interactive Boards in the class and the e- school as well as computer lessons.


From the first year at junior school the students familiarize themselves with the interactive board by playing and solving grammatical and mathematical problems.

From the second grade all the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and the teachers use the board according to the subject taught.In high school the teaching of all subjects is done exclusively using the interactive whiteboard.



The e-School is an online teaching platform, created entirely by the Schools Information Technology Department that allows a large part of the educational process to be automated for our school teachers and students.

By using the e- School the students of the Gymnasium and Lyceum students can:

  • Be informed of notices posted for each lesson taught.
  • Check the details of exams, school trips and competitions,
  • Viewtheirweeklyprogramme.
  • Have access to educational material and additional supportive teaching material for better understanding and assimilation of the curriculum of their courses.


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