British Council's Early Years Plus Programme at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School


We are proud to announce the exclusive implementation of the British Council’s Early Years Plus programme as part of our Nursery School curriculum.

Early Years Plus is a programme designed by the British Council for 2-5 year olds based on best practice within the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage.

The implementation of the programme as part of the I.M.Panagiotopoulos School curriculum will:

  • increase your child’s confidence in the English language
  • develop essential English language communication skills
  • further enhance your child’s personal, emotional and social development
  • contribute to his/her developing literacy
  • provide an opportunity for creative expression through art and drama
  • contribute to your child’s understanding of the wider world

As part of Early Years Plus, your child will be encouraged to select and present his/her work and achievements in his/her personal Early Years Plus scrapbook. This personalized record of achievement will enable them to reflect on their learning and take pride in their efforts.

The scrapbook forms a key part of the feedback and progress reports provided to parents on a regular basis. In addition to be invited to meet your child’s teacher, you will also receive guidelines on how you can use the Early Years Plus experience at home.

cliffWhen asked, Cliff Parry, Academic Manager, British Council Greece, said:

“We are proud of Early Years Plus which is a great example of the world-class innovation that people expect from the British Council. We are sure that together with the leading team at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School, it will be implemented with great success!” 



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